Shell Lab is MCUSH-based measurement control datalogger.
It's specially designed for research/experiments/testing.

Some use cases includes:
  • Teachers design experiments/demos for students.
  • Product tester engineers run their test cases before new product launch.
  • When they are finally launched, automation tests will run in manufacturing.
  • Laboratory scientists use Shell Kit as additional tool for new research.

  • What can it do to control the real-world with Python:
  • Digital pins input/output.
  • Measure analog voltage level.
  • Sample analog signal waveform and analyze (eg. FFT).
  • Digital bus control such as I2C, SPI, Dallas 1-wire.
  • Customized DAC output as signal generator.
  • Hardware

    Still in development


    Relay on/off test

    Pin input record and plot

    8 channels adc record and plot

    3 phase waveform simulation

    Single channel waveform daq and FFT

    Dual channels waveform daq and FFT

    Four channels waveform daq and FFT

    Waveform daq and DSP filter

    DS18B20 digital temperature sensor record and plot

    MPU6050 3-axis motion sensor record and plot

    DHT11 humidity/temperature sensor record and plot

    Still in development